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Aarn Aachen: Delete this entry, Souvenir de Norvège is now published but is a piano piece.

David Äbel (Ebel, Aebel), Abell): d. 3rd Jan 1619 ( not 1639) in Lübeck where he was organist (not Rostock - that was his father).

Adam-Laussel: This name is a typical French hyphenated name - he should really be ordered at Laussel. He was b. 1845; d. 1893 and the Agnus Dei was for voice and organ and so he should not be in the book at all !

Edgar Adams b. 1832 not 1834.

Arkady Agabarov should read Agababov

Ilze Akerberga was born 8th Aug 1953 in Brooklyn, New York and so she is American.

Robert Eugene Allen was b. 1918 not 1920

Francesco Almasio was b. 1806 not 1846

Roberto Amedei should read Roberto Amadei

Delete Anderson, D. S. - he is already in as Sutton-Anderson, D.

Arkady Agabarov should read Agababov

Auguste Andlauer died 5th Sep 1926, Fontenay-le-Vicomte

John Henry Antill has no 'h' in his surname.

Delete Ernst Arkfen and move the sentence "He published Nun freut euch, lieben Christen gmein 1953 [MER]." to the entry Arfken, E.

Gaetano Amadéo was not at Marsaglia but was mdc of the cathedral in Marseille, France, from 1852 to 1875 and thereafter in Cannes

Johann Amberg: 19th June 1928, Copenhagen not 1914

Benny Andersson was born on 16th Dec not Nov.

Horace James Anderson was born in Wolverton, Buckinghamshire and not in Wolverhampton.

Daniel Peter Andres was born 6th Mar 1937 not 1936.

The music attributed to Frederick H. Andrews (1804-1885) is more likely to be by Ferdinand Henry Andrews b. 1800, Wales; d. 14th Dec 1874, Montréal, Québec, organist of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity (not to be confused with the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity) where he had been organist for 14 years in the year 1848.

Herbert Antcliffe died on 11th Sep 1964 in St.Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex, and not in 1939.

(Abraham) Gottfried Anthes died 11th Sep 1884, Caub. The "1st Oct 1866, Wiesbaden" date was actually that of his retirement.

Of the many variants of Emma Louise Ashford's dates, the most likely correct version is  b. 29th Mar 1850, Newark, DE; d. 22nd Sep 1930, Nashville, TN, USA

William Edwin Ashmall rejected the variations of Charles Ives not Grayston Ives.

Atney, D. should read Matney, M. D.

Henri Lebeau d’Aubel: His dates are not correct, the dates given are those of his brother Alfred Lebeau.

Andrei Balanchivadze:  b. 1st June 1906; d. 28th Apr 1992, Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR

Franz Balluff died 1963, Ratzenried, Germany

Josef Barrera was 18C not 17C, he was active in 1784.

Nevett Bartow was born 1934

The dates of Jan Nepomuk Batka should be b. 16th July 1795, Jansky Vrch v Javorniku; d. 13th Aug 1874, Bratislava

James Cox Beckel:  d. 2nd Feb 1905, Philadelphia, not 1880

Johann Beeftink b. 1941, Groningen not 1949

Jacob Beimel b. 11th Oct 1875, Parichi, Minsk;  d. 17th Nov 1944, New York City, USA (not born 1880).

Théodore Bellamy should read (Gabriel) Théodore Bélamy. He was b. 9th Jan 1809, Besançon; d. 27th Mar 1878, Besançon, France

Parley Leland Belnap was born 1928 not 1929.

José Luis Berenguer was b. 1940 and not 1942.

Emmanuel Berhle should read Berlhe 

Paul Bernard's dates are completely wrong, delete them. He was a pupil of L.Vierne to whom he dedicated his Elévation published in Archives de l'organiste Vol.4 1902 [PGC].

Truus Bertijn is female.

Besemann, J. C. should read Besemann, J. G. He was Johann Gottfried Besemann d. 21st May 1819, a Kantor near Jena in Thuringia.

Bruno Bettinelli:  d. Nov not Dec

Antoine Beuger was b. 1955 and not 1964.

John Walter Blackburn was not born in 1913. His dates were b. 1902, Wakefield, Yorkshire; d. July 1976, Stratford, Ontario, Canada

(William) Arthur Blakeley. The dates for this composer are completely wrong being the birth details of another William Blakeley who is mentioned in Brown & Stratton British Musical Biography 1897 and who moved to Scotland. The death details given are those of Thomas Arthur Blakeley, originally from Liversedge, Yorkshire, who worked in Toronto and Los Angeles. The composer Blakeley died on 29th Mar 1914 in Sheffield aged 70. All of the biographical details are incorrect except that he was indeed organist of Mansfield Parish Church - from 1877 until 1891.

Patricia Blomfield Holt:  d. 5th June 2003

(Bror) Axel Edvin Boberg: was b. 21st Sep 1876 in Anderslov, Sweden and so is Swedish

Delete Anton Bock and his dates. This piece was by Arthur Bock who also published some church music.

Maurice Boivin: b. 1917 not 1918

Frédéric Bolli was born in 1953 and not 1853

Jules-Henri Bouval died 26th Feb 1911 and not in 1914

César Borré b. 29th July 1879 not 1880.

Blanche Boyce: 2nd name was Ula not Ila

Delete Thüring Braem he already has an entry at Bräm.

Marie Petronella Bremer should read Marrie.

Delete entry for Chr. Breuker; this is Christoph Brenker.

Karl Friedrich Breuninger died 1904 not 1914

Korneliusz Brzozowski: b. 1877 not 1887.

Eugenio Bubaldi ahould read Bubali

Charles Ernest Buckley: d. 15th Nov 1947 [not 1948]

Robert Bückmann died 23rd Dec 1966, Mönchengladbach, Germany and not 1935.

Franz Bühler d. 1824 not 1823.

Archibald Vernon Butcher not Albert.

W.R.Callender was actually Romaine Callender b. 16th Aug 1857, England; d. 1930, Canada

Bruce Carleton was a pseudonym of Rob Roy Peery.

Gustav Carlman (1906-1958) has only one 'n' at the end of his name.

Caryon-Martineau should read Jeanne Cayron-Martineau (d. 1972). A pupil of J. Huré, she was briefly his successor at the cathedral in Angers from 1909 to 1911.

Giovanni Catelli b. 27th Mar 1947, Monticelli d'Ongina not 1965

David Cherwien is spelt incorrectly in header line.

Delete entry for "Chaldek H. C." and see entry for Chladek, H. C. 

Herbert William Chuter: d. 16th Aug 1943, Cirencester, Gloucestershire [not 1944]

Leonardo Ciampa has no 'r' in his surname.

Delete Sister C. Clare - she can be found at Bocard C.C.

Delete Mary Margaret Walker Clark. She was not a composer for organ, the pieces attributed to her were by Mary Elizabeth Clark b. 1918.

Aloÿs Claussmann. The Collection Nouvelle (35 pieces in six books) Opp.17-22 from Schott were mentioned in Pazdirek's Universal Handbook Vol.5 around 1912 and so have been listed in various organ music books; but this is incorrect. These pieces were wrongly catalogued by Pazdirek under Claussmann but are actually by Henri Deshayes. The piece titles and keys correspond exactly to Deshayes's Opp.17-22.

Ralph E. Clewell:  b. 10th Mar 1892; d. 9th Dec 1987, Summit, OH

Delete Alice R Consterdine. This was probably organist Arthur Robert Consterdine, b. 1866 in Derbyshire, who worked in Australia and then New Zealand. However it should be noted that his wife was Alice Jane Consterdine and so it is possible that she composed the piece as "Mrs A. R. Consterdine."

Thomas Henry Croxall d. 22nd Mar 1958, Oxford, and not in 1960.

Edwin Arthur Crusha d. 28th Nov 1954, Palmers Green, London, and not in 1955.

Pauls Dambis was born 30th June not 21st May

Scott Davenport is a pseudonym of John M. Rasley

Walenty Dec died 5th June 1938 not 1937. 

Claire Delbos born November not December.

Michael Dell was organist of Christ Episcopal Church in Ponte Vedra in Florida and is now at First Presbyterian in Jacksonville.

Jules-Auguste Demersseman: His birth town Hondschoote is just inside France and so he was French

Joseph Deschermeier was born in Cham, Switzerland and so is Swiss and not German.

Ernest Arthur Dicks died 21st Jan 1948, not October.

Delete Ludwik Dietz, the Op. 14 pieces are vocal pieces with organ accompaniment.

Silvana Di Lotti is female.

Ludmilla (Lessia) Vassilievna Ditschko is better known as Lesia Vasylivna Dychko

Arthur Dodémont should read Arthur Dodement. He was different to the Belgian composer R. Dodémont.

Ernst Donajowski retired in 1917 but died 2nd Apr 1922

Olivier Douchain: b. 1929, Amiens and so French and not Belgian; d. 1975

Philip G. Drew was b. 1951 in Portsmouth and not 1949.

Henri Duvernoy was born in Paris and so is French

Lieven Duvosel was born and died in Ghent

Alfred John Dye:  d. 28th Oct 1932, Lowestoft, Suffolk not 1933

Garth Edmundson:  b. 11th Apr (not May)

Fr. Ehlinger should be Friedrich Ehrlinger

Ivar Jarle Eliassen is Norwegian not Swedish.

Elliott both Stanislaus Elliott and Robert Bernard Elliott should have a double 't' at the end of their family names.

Delete duplicate entry Winfried Engelhardt, he is correctly found at Englhardt

Adriaan Engels died 12th May 2003, Sliedrecht

Tecwyn Evans: b. 1971 not 1970

William George Eveleigh not Everleigh

James Fairlamb was b. 1838 not 1938.

Paul Fally not Pall.

The Glasgow Henry George Farmer was not the composer of the Minuet and Trio 1925 [BFG]. The composer was George Henry Farmer of Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol.

Enea Ferrante not Ferranti

The Op. 20 of Gustave Ferrata is the Wedding Suite, not Op. 9

Mateo Ferrer (note correct spelling of his first name) d. 1864 not 1883.

José Maria Rocha Ferreira should be indexed at 'R' and not 'F'.

Delete Fey, B. - he is already in as Feij, B.

Delete Fey. G. P. - he is already in as Feij, G. P. (NB not Feij, G. B.)

Ludwig Hermann (Otto) Finzenhagen d. 11th Apr 1931.

Cecilia Fiorentino was born in 1962 and not 1923.

Gunther Firlinger was born in Linz, Oberösterreich and so is Austrian not German.

Michel Fischer b. 19th Mar 1948 not 1950.

Esther Elizabeth Fleet was not born on 25th June 1809. This was the date of her baptism in Christ Church, Newgate, London.

Heinrich Rudolph Fleischer is related to Martin Luther not Martin Luther King.

Charles (né Karl) Fradel was born in Vienna and so was Austrian He spent some years in the USA and died in Tremont, NY.

Lamar Friend is a pseudonym of Peter Pindar Stearns

Arthur Furer b. 1924 not 1934.

Marijan Gabrijelčič is Male

Richard Gagne was born 1954 not 1960.

Delete Gordon Galbraith. The "Sonata in Baroque Style" was by Gordon Ellsworth Young. Galbraith did use the pseudonym Gordon Young, but this sonata was not by him.

Manuel de Gamarra was Spanish (Basque) and not Italian.  b. 1723, Lekeitio, Vizcaya, Spain; d. 7th Nov 1791, Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain.

Andrew Gant was born in Wales.

Charles Augustus Garratt was born b. 21st Dec 1848 and not in 1844.

Michael Samuel David Gattermann taught at the Kolnische Gymnasium (a Jewish School) in Berlin not in Cologne.

Gautier/Gauthier: Delete the entry of Gautier, G. b. 1859. This publication was from Gabriel Gauthier b. 1808. The Fugue-Sortie in the entry for the latter was by Jean François Eugène Gautier b. 1822, Paris; d. 1878, Paris, organist of Saint-Louis d'Antin and Saint-Eugène.

Gautier Leonard was the pseudonym of Professor Placid von Tugginer and not the other way round Placid von Tugginer (b. 1849, Switzerland; d. 10th Dec 1926, Redcar, Yorkshire, England) studied at the conservatories in Stuttgart and Leipzig. He was appointed as musical director of Ampleforth College in Yorkshire around 1868 and he successfully composed and staged operas at the school. In 1878 he published some church music from the college before moving to Glasgow as a music teacher in 1880 and then on to London in 1881. He became well-known as a composer and conductor for London theatres and his piano music and numerous songs became very popular. He began publishing pieces under the pseudonym of Leonard Gautier in 1882 and subsequently ceased to use the von Tugginer name except when he returned to Ampleforth College to conduct concerts there. His most famous piano piece Le Secret was being performed by him as early as 1886 as an instrumental trio. This piece is often erroneously attributed to German-born French composer Jean Léonard Louis Anton Gautier (1866-1955). After major surgery in 1923 in London, Gautier retired back to Yorkshire and he died in Redcar not far from Ampleforth.

Gautier, Pierre (1907-1998): Delete this entry. The Sortie solennelle was by Pierre Gautier (1863-1940).

Mário Gazanego was born in 1920 and not 1925.

'M. Gennard' is fictitious. The three pieces attributed to him were by Marcel Gennaro and published 1924 as Trois pièces [PGC]

Corbinian Gindele, a monk at the monastery in Beuron, was German. He may have died in 1986.

Carmine Giodorno should read Giordani

Liviu Glodeanu is Male

Padre Julio Valdés Goicoechea d. 30th July 1958, Vitoria and not 1916.

Arthur Murray Goodhart was a pupil of Frederick Bridge not Frank Bridge.

Lawrence William Goodwill was  b. 5th June 1920 in Sunderland, Co. Durham, and so was English

David Gorten should read David Gorton

Harry Goss-Custard was the brother of Reginald and not his father (the father's entry is correct)

Emil Alphonse Goupil (b.1875) was indeed a student at the Paris Conservatoire, but not the composer of the harmonium pieces published in the 1880's - this was Abbé: Isidore Goupil, mdc in Lorette

Kurt Grahl: b. 1947 not 1946

Birger Thorvald Grinsted should read Grindsted

Georg Christoph Grosheim d. 184 7 not 1841.

Czeslaw Grudziński was born 6th July not on the 9th.

Thórarinn Gudmundsson was not born in 1927. His dates were b. 1896; d. 1979

Pietro Alessandro Guglielmi has 2 'l's in his name.

Vigilio Guidi: d. 7th Oct 1957, La Verna,Tuscany (not 1960).

(Pierre Armand) Omer Guiraud was born on 9th Aug 1846 , Auch, Gascony and not in 1847.

Heinrich Christian Carl Güntersberg: d. 27th Nov 1846, Eisleben and not in 1836.

Delete Gustaaf, A. - this piece was by Gustaaf A. Schulz who is in the book already.

Edvard Hagerup Bull is in the book twice, once at "Bull" and once at "Hagerup". Delete the latter entry.

Roland Hallworth should read Roland Hallwirth

Carl F. Halter:  b. 10th Oct 1916, Cleveland, OH, USA; d. 30th Nov 1989, River Forest, IL, USA (not b. 1914)

A.S. Hankinson is Ann and not Anne

Norbet Hann von Hannenheim: survived the war and d. 29th Sep 1945 not 1943

Frithjof Hansen:  Delete entry and refer to Spalder, Frithjof who also used this name.

Christina Rhea Harmon: b. 1942 not 1944.

David Stever Harris was b. 30th Dec 1930 and not 1931

Delete Dominik Hasler, he is already in at Hassler, D.

Johann Richard Hauff should read Johann Christian Hauff

H. William Hawke by birth was Canadian not American: b. 7th Nov 1879, Toronto, Ontario; d. Mar 1975, Gananoque, Ontario

George Robert Hay (né Hay-Drummond) became the Viscount Du pp lin in 1866 not Duplin.

Franz Heckel should read Frank Heckel.

Jeannot Heinen is male and not female.

Harold Helman: b. 1887 [not 1899]

Carl Friedrich Herrmann should read Christian Friedrich Herrmann

Charles Hesse. Delete this entry, this is Jean-Charles Hess b. 1815.

Johann Peter Heuschkel could not have composed the Chorale Preludes ascribed to him. He was not born when they were copied (c. 1740) into J. G. Walther's ms. Nothing is known about the Johann Heuschkel who composed them except he was a Thuringian.

Sigvart Andreas Hofland d. 1956 not 1955.

Frederick Hohmann should be spelled Hohman

(Charles) Ellingworth Holmes (1844-1904) was not the composer of Chant sans paroles 1901 [OLF]. It was Charles Edwin Moon Holmes (1867-1945)

Claes Holmgren was born 1957 not 1947.

Theodor Holterdorf was b. 1910 not 1911.

Wilhelm Hübner was b. 1915 not 1917. He d. 30th Jan 2004, Dresden

John Hurst was not born in 1859 but fl. 1883-1911. In 1892 a J. Hurst FRCO published a Festive March in B-flat [WEE] and nothing else. The only J. Hurst to gain the FRCO was a Revd. J. Hurst in 1889 making him the likely composer. Unfortunately there were a large number of Rev. J. Hursts in parishes, but it is also likely that this was the same Revd. John Hurst who took his B. Mus at Queen’s College, Oxford in 1896 and was curate of St. Swithin’s in Cannon Street, London, the following year. To add to the confusion, the Rector of St. Swithin from 1892 was a Canon John Hurst DD, born in Canada in 1859 and died in London 27th Mar 1903. He had no musical qualifications but the executor of his will was the musical Revd John Hurst suggesting that they were perhaps related. John Hurst Mus. B was still active as an organist in Ripley, Derbyshire, in 1911.

(David) Warner Hutchinson should read Hutchison

Walter R. Ihrke:  d. 8th Aug 1992, Hartford, CT

James Illiff has no 'E' in his surname

Irik, M. - the correct spelling of his first name is Michiel

Benito de Iturriaga should read Ben igno de Iturriaga

Percy Jackman b. 1856 not 1859

Christhard Janetzki (NB correct spelling of first name) was born in 1959 not 1950.

Sarah Jarrell is a pseudonym of Hugh Samuel Livingston jnr.

Marek Jasiński - date of birth should be 10th Sep

Claudio Jaurégui Portu b. 1863 not 1864

Dale Jergensen should read Dale Jergens>on.

Arthur Johnson. Although there were numerous Arthur Johnsons in the 1890's the composer of the published organ music was Arthur Johnson, organist of Holy Trinity in Sunningdale, Berkshire, whose dates were b. 1841; d. 1913

J. H. Clifford Johnson shuld be Johnston

Delete James Weldon Johnson. The composer of the Rondo in F# publ. 1985 [CON] was another James Johnson.

Edward F. Johnston was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and so was originally Scottish.

Delete Winston Johnstone, these pieces were by Walter Russell Johnston.

Delete Svante Jönsson, he is now known as Svante Leijonblom and is already in the book at that name.

Donald Joyce:  b. 19th Apr 1952

Helge Jung:  d. 3rd June 2013, Berlin NB. Helge Jung was male and not female.

Novelist Franz Kafka cannot be the author of the Two Fugues as they were published in 1838. It seems more likely they could be the work of Frantisek Kafka (1776-1855).

Yoshimiro Kanno: First name should be Yoshihiro

Delete Henry Karval - see entry at Henry Kerval

Paul Keivet should read Paul Kieviet. He was b. 1961.

(Charles Gray) Lamont Kennaway: 13th Dec 1971, London [not 1967]

Robert Davis King was born 1914 not 1913.

Matthew Kingston: b. 1857, Birmingham; d. 1930, London [not b.1859]

(Robert) Augustus Klitz: d. 11th Jan 1887, Lymington, Hampshire and not 18th Jan 1886.

N. Kolessa b. 1903 not 1904.

Friedrich Könen: delete this entry and move the two pieces to Koenen, F.

Leon Kornitzer was born in Vienna and so was Austrian.

Reuven Kosakoff  not Rueven Kosakoff 

Arkadie Kouguell was b. 1898 and d. 20th Nov 1985 in New York

Delete Heinrich Kreuzburg b. 1907 - this is Heinrich Creuzberg 1907-1991.

David Isaacovich Krivitzky b. 1937 not 1938

(Freidrich) Louis Emil Kunze should read Kunzen

Hubert Weldon Lamb was born 1909 not 1900

Hermann Lammers: Delete dates and biography. He was b. 21st April 1938, Pijnaker, The Netherlands, and was organist of the Dorpskerk in Mijnsheerenland from 1970.

Joseph Lammertz should be Lammerz.

Guillaume Landré:  It seems more likely that Edelsteenen (organ or harmonium) Vol. 2 [HEE] contains music by his father Guillaume (Willem/Wim) Louis Frédéric Landré (b. 12th June 1874, Amsterdam; d. 1st Jan 1948, Eindhoven).

Richard Lange was b. 27th July 1867, Magdeburg not in 1859

David M. Lasky was b. 1957 not 1959.

Delete Léon Laurent. He did not compose the Triptych (Cantilène, Invocation et Toccata) [PGC] or Cantilène pastorale sur un thème de C. Franck. These were by Camille Laurent.

Delete C. Lauru. The Communion by Cécile Lauru (1881-1959) mentioned in Pazdirek's Universal-Handbuch der Musikliteratur is not an organ solo but a song.

Léon Lecocq: b. 1880 not 1886

Bruno Lescarret is not in Quimper, but is organist of Saint-Denis and a schoolteacher in Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais.

Brita Leutert-Falch (née Leutert) was born in Norway and so is Norwegian though she spent some time in Switzerland.

James Henry Lewis died 25th Nov 1924 not 1925

Delete Hjelle Signe Lindeman. This was Signe Augusta Lindeman - b. 2nd Jul 1895, Kristiania (Oslo); d. 1974. She married a customs officer, Ole Christian Hjelle, and Hjelle sometimes appears in her name.

Erling Lindgren Rasmussen was b. 29th Apr 1951, Fjaltring and not in 1942

A.W.Lorenz dates were not 1837-1928. He taught at the Königliche Realschule in Berlin c. 1800 and published music between 1792 and 1837.

Denis Lorrain has no final 'e' on his surname.

Adolf Lotter was born in Austria

There is confusion between Pawel Łukaszewski (b. 1968) and Pawel Łukowiec (b. 1973). Souvenir 1 and the Concerto are by the former and the Toccata by the latter.

Zeffirino Lunghetti should be Zeffirino Longhetti

Henri Charles Gustave Lutz:  d. 9th Sep 1919, Paris and not 1928, Switzerland

Lois McClusky should read Lois McCluskey

Hamilton Crawford MacDougall was b. 1858 not 1868.

William A Mcduff should read Macduff

Harry Mackenzie should be spelled Harry McKenzie.

John Stewart McLellan should read McLennan 

Keith MacRoberts is a pseudonym of John M. Rasley

Miroslav Magaleníc should read Miroslav Magdaleníc, he d. 25th Nov 1969 in Zagreb.

Giovacchino Maglioni d. 2nd Jan 1889 not Dec 1888

Gustavo Magrini: b. 1870 not 1872

Shoko Maita was born in Harbing, China, in 1935 and is male.

Les Maitres contemporains de l’orgue ed. Jos. Joubert:  Several pieces are indicted as being in Bk. 2 when they are actually in Bk.1. Bk. 1 contains composers A-La and Bk. 2 contains composers Le-W

Emmanuel Marie Joseph Auguste Mantrant was born 22nd Aug 1864 in Poitiers and not 1866.

Dominique Marchal is male and not female

Ada Belle (sometimes Adabelle) Gross Marcus: was b. 1921 

Charles S. Marshall who died in WWI in 1917 aged 23 was not the composer. Charles Marshall composer of the 2-stave voluntaries is listed at the British Library as 1857-1927.

(Frederick John) Easthope Martin was b. 27th Aug 1880, West Bromwich, Staffordshire.

Jean-Louis Martinet did not die until 20th Dec 2010.

Alfred Thomas Mason's dates are incorrect. They should read b. 1859, Coventry, Warwickshire; d. 5th June 1943, Pittsfield, MA, USA

William Mason, organist of St. Martin's in Lincoln, did not have the dates 1853-1932. These are the dates of the Revd. William Wright Mason, Vicar of Leverton, Lincolnshire (1878-1894) and Vicar of Bootle (1894-1913). He was not a published musician. The correct dates for the composer are b. 1840; d. 17th Nov 1900, Lincoln.

Auguste Massari (note spelling) was b. 1887 not 1877.

Alfred Mendelsohn only has one 's' in his name.

Meneghetti, L. should read Meneghetti, G. Giovanni Meneghetti (b. 12th Feb 1731, Vicenza; d. 1794) was composer of the three pieces - one of which is marked 'Sig. Lio Meneghetti' instead of 'Gio Meneghetti'.

Peter Mennin died in June and not July.

William Metcalfe was b. 1830 in Norwich, not 1834.

Arthur Maurice Metzner (sometimes Metzner-Leblanc) was b. 29th July 1854, Mülsen St. Jacob, Zwickau, Saxony, and so was originally German and not French.

Helge Metzner is male and not female.

Delete entry for Daniel Meyer, he is already in at Daniel Meier (b. 1921)

Nicola Mica should read Nicola Mici. The information itself is correct and replaces the incomplete information at Mici, N.

Wilfried Michel: b. 1938 not 1943

Horace Alden Miller's death date is correct but he did not die in Mount Vernon, Iowa. He had a stroke whilst on holiday in Canada and died 10 days later in hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia. He was buried in Altadena, California.

Edward Mills:  b. 1st Dec 1849, Marylebone, London NOT 1850

James Parker Mills:  b. 1852 (not 1850) and d. 1931

Angel Mingote:  d. 29th Dec 1961, Madrid and not in 1960

Walter Hermann Minnig should read Werner Hermann Minnig

Alexander Sergeivich Mirgorodsky d. 23rd Nov 1994

Zygmunt Moczyński was executed 17th Sep 1940 (in Palmiry) not 1941.

Jochen Modeß was b. 1954 not 1955.

Romano Moioli: Delete this entry - he is already in at Romano Mojoli

F. Mokers. Delete this entry, this is an alternative spelling for Francois Mockers

Lara Moriciano should read Morciano

Mouchel, A.L. du should read Leandre Arthur Dumouchel and be ordered at 'D'. His dates were b. 1st Mar 1841, Rigaud, Québec, Canada; d. 10th Jan 1919, Albany NY, USA.

Alphonso Mudarra should read Alonso Mudarra

The dates given for Bernhard Eduard Müller are incorrect. These are the dates of Bernhard Müller, a Kantor in Salzungen. Bernhard Eduard was b. 2nd June 1842, Altenburg, Thüringia

Mugnani should read Mugnaini

Delete Mühlenbach, A., he is in already at Müllenbach, A.

Shirley Annette Munger b. 1923 not 1925

William S. Nagle: b. 1906 not 1904

Delete Nardelli, J. N., she is already in at Necasova. Her full name is Jindra Necasova-Nardelli.

Delete Franz Nava - this was the pseudonym of Rimbault, E. F.

The Ron Nelson who composed Pebble Beach Sojourn was not Ron A. Nelson b. 1927, but Ron Nelson b. 14th Dec 1929, Joliet, IL. He taught at Brown University until retirement in 1993. 

Heinz Neubaür should read Neubaüer

Willard I. Nevins - his second name should be spelled Irving.

John Arthur Richard Nickson was b. 1949 and not 1919. The biography should be deleted - it relates to Noel Nickson (1991-2006). Dr John Nickson taught at the University of Brisbane.

The middle name of Dan Ehlert Nielsen should be spelled as here.

Stanislaw Nipielski should be spelled Stanislaw Niepielski

Odiardi - see 'Savary' below

Please note the correct spelling of Irina Odăgescu-Ţuţuianu.

Rheinhard Ohse should read Reinhard Ernst Ohse

Giuseppe Ospomer should read Opsomer.

Wilhelm Otto Östereicher. Delete entry and move pieces to Wilhelm Otto Österreicher, on the same page.

Dom Samuel Gregory Ould d. 10th Feb 1939, Exton Park, Oakham, Rutland and not in 1950.

Joseph Marie Oury was b. 27th Mar 1852, Woimby, Meuse ; d. 5th Aug 1949, Toul, Meurthe-et-Moselle and so is French and not Belgian.

Léon Paliard was born 1826 not 1926. 

(Edward) Davidson Palmer:  b. 1846 [Not 1857], Islington, London; d. 17th Jan 1928, London

Albert Parager should read Paragé (é acute and no finale 'r')

Miquel Pardo i Llurgarnia should read Llungarriu

Claude William Parnell d. 1940 not 1941

Bruno Pasut d. 25th May 2006, Treviso

Alfred Paulsen (1849-1936) was born in Christiania (Oslo), Norway. He moved to Chicago, IL c. 1888.

Charles William Pearce actually died in hospital at Poole, Dorset, - not in Wimborne.

James Pech:  b. 1830, Germany (to a British military officer) not 1839, Kent

Pelegrín Leive, J. should read Juan-Pelegrín Leive Márquez and be ordered at "L".

Pentti Peltowas b. 26th not 28th August.

Pierre Claude Perny was b. 1822 not 1824

Delete Pequier de Perville, this is Charles Joachim Becquié de Peyreville (1808-1877)

Gerald Peterson is a pseudonym of Lani Smith.

Delete Pezáč, I. This is pianist Ivan Řezáč

Reinhardt Pfundt is spelled without the 'd' in the title line.

Marie-Héloïse de Pierpoint  should read Pierpont

Wilhelm Pihák should read Plhák and there is already and entry in the book for him.

Franco Piva was born in 1942 not 1938.

G. Plazzano - delete this entry, it refers to Geremia Piazzano

Alfred Plumpton did not die on 2nd April 1902, this was the day of his funeral. He died on 27th March 1902.

Marco Podda was born 1963 not 1965.

Andreas Porfeyte should be Andreas Porfetye

Ambrose Probert Porter died . 16th May 1971, St. Germans, Cornwall (not 1970, Alverstoke, Hampshire)

Artin Porturljan should read Poturlyan or Poturlian

Johannes Praetorius: b. 1595: d. 1660 (not 1590-1665)

Hermann Markus Preßl was born 1939 not 1928. 

Robert E. Procter should be Robert E. Proctor.

Florica Racovita-Flondor:  her name should read Racovitză-Flondor. She died in Cluj, Romania.

Horatiu Radulescu: Delete Op.15, it is not for the organ. Delete Opp. 9, 14, 20, 28 & 31, these are by Michael Radulescu. Op. 69 & Op. 88 are correct. 

Mario Alberto Rapallini was born 1937 and not 1939.

Cary Ratcliff (not Ratcliffe with 'e')

Paul Vincent Reale was born 2nd March not 3rd Feb.

C. A. Reichardt was not Christian Reichart (Reichardt) (1685-1775) of Erfurt but Carl August Reichardt (1802-1859), city organist in Altenburg

Reis, H. P. Dos:  Should be ordered at Pires dos Reis, H. and is female

Delete Eduard Rhode - he is already, in correctly spelled, at Rohde, E.

J. E. Richardson should be John Elliott Richardson

Ada Richter: d. 28th May 1990, Camden, NJ

Wilhelm Friederich Riem died 1857 not 1957

Georges Ritas (often hyphenated as George-Ritas, both with and without a final 's' on George) was the pseudonym of Marguerite Haas who fl. 1900-1938 and therefore was not born in 1910 and is female.

Laureano Rodríguez b. 1907 not 1905.

Elena Romero was born 1907 and not 1923.

Leo Rosenblüth died 2000 (2nd Jan 2001 was the date of his newspaper obituary)

Eduard Rottmanner was born 1809 and not 1790.

Paul Rouanne should be spelled Paul Rouane.

William Runnström was born in Chicago, IL, and so is American.

Ralf Sach – in the entry he is incorrectly spelled “Sack”

(Julius) Edmund Sachse: b. 22nd Oct 1839, Neusellerhausen, Leipzig [delete existing dates which are those of Julius Friedrich Sachse of Philadelphia]

Pietro Sampietro died 12th Dec 1957, Biella, Piedmont and not in 1956

Delete Savary, E. C. and Savary F. E. and insert "Savary see Odiardi, E. S. d'".

Edouard Constant Savary (d. 1926) did not compose the four harmonium pieces. They were composed by François Edmond Savary (b. 1835) who later changed his name to "Edmond Savary d'Odiardi" and later still to "Edmond Savary d'Odiardi de Rovigo". The full name of d’Odiardi should be Edmond Savary d’Odiardi. He was French and taught at the Paris Conservatoire before living in London. He gave up music for a career in medicine. He was an unqualified 'quack' according to one medical journal and was found innocent of manslaughter after killing a patient with electricity.

Gerhard Schedl died 30th November 2000, Eppstein im Taunus not as stated

Hanning Schöder (1896-1987) should read Hanning Schröder

Joseph Schwanter should read Schwantner

Jason Shut should read Jason Shute

August Seelmann died 1885 not 1855

Jesús Gabriel Segade was b. 23rd June 1923 not 1924

Pierre Segond d. 2nd May 2000

Johann Adam Seitz should read Jacob Adam Seitz

Rudy Owens Shackleford should read Shackelford

David Sheinfeld was born in 1906 and not 1910

Sydney Gordon Shimmin : d. 2nd Jan 1972, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire [not 1968]

Delete Vladislav Alexeivich Shut, he is already in at Shut, V.

Alfred J. Silver d. 13th April 1935 not 1940.

Gabriel Sizes. The composer of two pieces in Les Maîtres Contemporains de l'Orgue Bk. 4 was not Eugène Gabriel Sizes but (Napoléon) Gabriel Sizes (b. 16th Mar 1856, Castelnaudary, Aude; d. 7th Feb 1919, Toulouse). Eugène Gabriel Sizes (1872-1946) was his brother and an operatic baritone.

Graeme Skinner was born 1960, Wangaratta, Victoria and not in 1955.

Giselher Smekal is of the male gender.

Ernest Harry Smith: d. 13th March 1946, New Brighton, Wallasey and not in 1935

Gerrit Smith - his first name only has one 't'.

Dr (Herbert) Leslie Smith d. 23rd Oct 1973 , Windsor, Berkshire and not 1974.

Lani Smith was of the male gender.

Wilhelm Ernst Heinrich Söhnge: d. 2nd Sep 1995 , Johannesburg not 2002

Harold (k/a Harry) Victor Spanner: b. 4th Nov 1889, Portsea, Portsmouth; d. 20th Sept 1977, Croydon, Surrey [Not b. 1890]

Hermann Stern was born in Abetifi, Ghana, Not in Ebingen.

Edwin Strube should read Edwin Stube without 'r'. He was born in New Jersey in 1922.

William F. Sudds was born in London and so was of English origin.

Frank Swinford did not die in 1896. In November 1896 he suffered a prolonged and serious illness and it was reported in some newspapers that he had died but by the spring of 1897 he was back in fine voice.

Heinrich Szadrowsky was born in Würzburg and so was of German origin.

Imre Szendei (1926-1983) did not compose the (72) Preludes for organ or harmonium 1935 (reissued 1958 [MUB]). They were by Imre Szendrei (fl. 1933-1948), organist of Kalocsa Cathedral, who may have been his father.

József Sztara was a church musician and teacher in Kalocsa and was Hungarian and not Polish.

Julian Sztarko: Delete this entry, this is Julius Štarka, already listed in the book.

Giosuè Tagliabu should be Giosuè Tagliabue.

Joseph Tal: Full name omitted in main entry.

Gloria Tapi should read Gloria Tapia. Her dates are b. 1927; d. 2008

Ebenezer William Taylor died 9th December 1925 and not November.

John Terry: b. 1944 not 1934. He died 8th May 2018, Sydney, NSW.

László Tihanyi was born 21st Mar 1956 in Budapest.

Aaron Travers was b. 1975, Portsmouth, VA, USA and not as stated.

(James) Heber Trevor d. 1935 not 1936 and was organist of St. Ervan's in Aberdare, South Wales.

Samuel Parker Tuckerman should read Samuel Parkman Tuckerman.

Carlo Ubaldi should read Uboldi

Arjen Uitbeijerse was born 1977 not 1976.

Dick van Engelsman should be Dick den Engelsman and so should be ordered at Engelsman, D den.

Rowy van Hest is female.

Theodor Vehmeir should read Theodor Vehmeier

Albe Vidakovic b. 1914 not 1912

The dates of Johann Peter Volkmann should read b. 23rd Apr 1863, Hummendorf, Bavaria; d. 18th Dec 1946, Neustadt an der Aisch, Bavaria

Jack Waldemar (k/a John) Villaume dates were b. 11th Feb 1907, d. 16th Aug 1994

Marcelle Henriette Marie Villin is female and was born 8th May 1927,Plomion, Aisne

Edward Ellis Vinnicombe d. 12th June 1956, Sudbury, Suffolk

Adam Valentin Volckmar d. 11th Sep 1851, Rinteln not 1852

Maarten Vos was b. 1941 in Moordrecht and not in 1956.

Wackenthaler: The pieces from Le journal des organistes [LJO] listed under Joseph Wackenthaler (1795-1869) should be listed under Joseph Wackenthaler (the younger) (1840-1913)

William Richard Waghorne was born in Edinburgh and so is Scottish. He moved to Houston, Texas.

Delete Eduard Wagner (1868-1936). The pieces credited to him were by Emil Richard Wagner (1871-1951).

Robert Eugene Ward:  d. 3rd Apr 2013, Durham, NC and not 1994

Alleyne John Warren's dates should be: b. 15th Aug 1881, Dovercourt, Essex; d. 3rd Apr 1945, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Betsy Warren was b. 1921, Boston, MA

H. Watkins b. 1976 is Huw Watkins (not Hugh).

Powell Weaver died in Kansas City, MO, and not in Oakland, CA.

Kristian Weinholt-Pedersen should be Weinholt-Petersen.

Hans Weiss should be Hans Weisz

(Jean Henri) Guillaume (k/a Guy) Weitz died in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, and not in London

Norma Ruth Wendelburg not Wendelberg

Mechtild Wenzell should read Mecht hild Wenzel - she is the daughter of Eberhard Wenzel.

The first name of Luis N. Wetterlé should be spelled Luiz

Henry Davan Wetton died on 2nd Dec not Nov.

Herbert Arthur Wheeldon: b. 1864 not 1869

Netty Wildermann should be Netty Wildeman

Kazimierz Wilkomorski should read Wiłkomirski and he was born in 1900 not 1901.

Alice Crane Williams: b. 29th Aug 1879, Garrettsville, OH and not 1880.

Williams T. H. should be at 'H' as Hughes-Williams, T.

Basil Windsor was the pseudonym and Eli Smith was the genuine name - not the other way round.

Hans Wittmer should read Hans Wittwer. He was a famous architect but also a music student of Sigfrid Karg-Elert. He was b. 4th Feb 1894, Basle, Switzerland; d. 19th Mar 1952, Basle

János Wohlmuth was b. 1642 not 1653.

Dom Sebastian Wolff OSB was born in Loughrea, Co. Galway, Ireland and not in England.

Frederic Herbert Wood died 16th June 1963 not in May.

John Walker Worth was b. b. 2nd Sep 1876 and not 1877.

Idée fixe: Triptyque is not by Dimitri Yanov-Yanovsky (b. 1963) but by his father, Felix Yanov-Yanovsky (b. 1934, Tashkent). It is in 21e Siècle, D’Est en Ouest: Cinq pièces d’aujourd’hui 2005 [CDM].

Daniele Zanettovich is Male.

Imants Zemzaris did not compose the Toccata in Collection Panorama vol. 3 1995 [BIL] - this was by Ingmars Zemzaris (b. 1973) who will appear on the New Composers page in due course.

Johannes (k/a John) Zundel: d. 21st May not in July.


[CLL] This publisher is Comellini not Comelli.

[JZZ] Jazzmuze is spelt with three 'z's.

[LHR] The publishers name is Moritz Schauenburg based in Lahr and not the other way round. The publisher still exists but no longer publishes music.

The Parisian church Temple du Saint-Esprit and l'Église réformée du Saint-Esprit are one and the same.

Appendix D p. 920 - the captions of Tables 13 and 14 are transposed.